Women can undergo a number of plastic surgeries on their breasts to improve their appearance. One of these options that Bruno Plastic Surgery is happy to offer is breast lift surgery in NEPA.

A breast lift raises the breasts by removing extra skin from the surrounding areas while tightening the tissue that remains. The procedure creates stronger natural support for the breasts, lending them a younger profile.

Dr. Anthony Bruno has been a respected plastic surgeon in Northeastern Pennsylvania for many years and will perform your breast lift with precision and professionalism. But first, learn more about what breast lift surgery in NEPA involves.

What Is a Breast Lift?

While the lay public knows this surgery as a breast lift, the medical term for it is mastopexy.

Over time, women’s breasts become less firm and elastic. They may get loose and start to sag as women age. This sagging can also occur in younger women who have become pregnant or who were recently pregnant and have begun breastfeeding.

As a result, women may lose confidence in their appearance and avoid socializing or wearing the clothes they like.

At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we don’t think women should have to live this way. Dr. Bruno can help with a mastopexy in NEPA.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery in NEPA Like?

The first thing you can expect when you want breast lift surgery is to meet with Dr. Bruno for a consultation on what he can do to meet your needs. Dr. Bruno will advise you on the results that are realistic for you and everything you will need to know to proceed.

For instance, you might need to stop taking particular medications and smoking in the lead-up to your surgery, as these could jeopardize your health during and after the procedure.

Before the mastopexy, Dr. Bruno will mark the areas of your breasts where your new nipple position will be. You will then receive general anesthesia for the surgery.

Dr. Bruno will cut near the areola, the darker skin around the nipple, and down the breast. This is when the actual lifting and reforming of the breasts occurs. While he is working, Dr. Bruno might remove excess skin or make the areolas smaller, depending on what is needed in your situation. Ultimately, Dr. Bruno will lift the breasts, position the areolas in their new positions, and close the incisions with sutures or tape.

Recovery will involve some soreness and swelling in the breasts for a few weeks. At the same time, Dr. Bruno may have you wear a surgical bra and instruct you to sleep on your back while the breasts heal. During this time, patients are usually advised to avoid strenuous physical activity that could aggravate the breasts.

It may be several months before patients can fully see and appreciate the difference in their breasts’ appearance. But in the end, the lifted breasts will look firmer, healthier, more youthful, and, most importantly, natural.

Contact Bruno Plastic Surgery for a Mastopexy in NEPA

Dr. Bruno has been performing plastic surgery for many years and is a respected member of his community. Eligible patients can rely on the precision and experience of Dr. Bruno for their mastopexy in NEPA. He pays attention to the smallest details to ensure nothing goes unaddressed during your consultation and procedure.

We encourage you to contact Bruno Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our services!

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