Full eyelashes are always in style, but not something many adults have naturally. This is one of the most sought after beauty standards, and getting it can sometimes take a lot of work. To get the look of full eyelashes, most people have to turn to mascara, false lashes, or lash extensions. These can all work great, but they’re only temporary solutions and can sometimes be uncomfortable. Not only will these wear off, but you also end up spending a lot of your time trying to get them just right, and even then, it doesn’t always work out. 

Thick, long eyelashes might seem like they’re unattainable, but Bruno Plastic Surgery can provide treatment that makes this possible. We offer Latisse® eyelash treatment in NEPA for people who struggle to grow dark, full eyelashes on their own. 

What is Latisse® Eyelash Treatment?

Like anything else, your eyelashes need the right care and treatment to be the best they can be, and many of us end up forgetting this. Latisse® is an FDA-approved prescription eyelash growth serum applied at night that can start showing results in as few as four weeks, although it may take up to 16 weeks to see the full results. You can easily apply Latisse® eyelash treatments daily on your own at home. While you do have to remember to use the treatment every day, it can still be easier and more effective than applying mascara or false lashes every day. Each daily treatment only takes minutes to apply, making this a great choice for people who want to improve their lashes without requiring a lot of time or effort to get it.. 

This is more effective than makeup or false eyelashes, as Latisse® helps your natural eyelashes grow. While this will help your eyelashes grow better, it will keep them looking natural, so everyone will think you’re blessed with naturally full eyelashes. However, while Latisse® can provide long-lasting results when used as advised, this is also not a permanent way to get fuller lashes. To get the results you want, you need to continuously get Latisse® treatments, but once you stop, your lashes will return to the way they naturally are. 

Get Longer Lashes With Latisse® Eyelash Treatment in NEPA

Don’t struggle with makeup or false lashes anymore to get long, thick eyelashes. If your natural lashes aren’t as full as you’d like them to be, Latisse® can make a huge difference. This can help boost your confidence and make your daily beauty routine easier. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, you can turn to a Latisse® specialist in Scranton who can help you achieve long, full eyelashes. We can answer any questions you having about using Latisse® eyelash treatments and discuss how treatment can help you grow the eyelashes you’ve always wanted. 

Latisse® can provide great results for many people who want long, thick eyelashes. If you’re interested in growing healthier lashes, contact Bruno Plastic Surgery to see if Latisse® eyelash treatment is right for you.

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