Forehead lines, wrinkles between the brows (known as glabellar lines), and crows’ feet are some of the most common signs of aging that our clients at Bruno Plastic Surgery want to address with injectables.

BOTOX® injections have long been the main option to address these aesthetic concerns. BOTOX® can deliver great results by causing your wrinkles and lines to soften and essentially go away. The right kind of BOTOX® injection for you will depend on the extent of your wrinkles and your desired look.

All of our injectables and procedures are performed by Dr. Anthony Bruno himself, a board-certified plastic surgeon. Learn more below about receiving BOTOX® injections in NEPA from Bruno Plastic Surgery.

What Is BOTOX®?

Many people have heard of BOTOX® and receiving BOTOX® injections but don’t know what is actually being injected. BOTOX® itself is a trademarked version of the Botulinum toxin, a toxic protein.

If administered by a doctor in the correct doses, however, BOTOX® can have a variety of medicinal and aesthetic uses. In most cases, people receive BOTOX® to stop neurotransmitters from contracting their muscles.

Some patients receive BOTOX® for lazy eyes, chronic migraines, and the contractions associated with cerebral palsy. Other patients seek to receive the protein for cosmetic purposes. This is our area of specialty at Bruno Plastic Surgery.

Uses for Cosmetic BOTOX® Injections

By and large, BOTOX® injections are used most frequently by cosmetic surgeons. These professionals, among other things, help patients to reduce body fat, sagging skin, and signs of aging through a variety of surgical procedures.

In the United States, BOTOX® injections hold the record as the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. Most patients get BOTOX® to reduce or eliminate signs of aging on the face.

BOTOX® treatments are used to address issues such as wrinkles between the eyebrows, lines in the forehead, wrinkles on the chin, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), and lines around the mouth. Different issues require different injection sites.

At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we hear all the time from patients who have lost their confidence due to these issues. When wrinkles and lines appear on the face, especially at an earlier age than a patient expects, people may feel self-conscious about interacting with friends and family. They do not want to look older before their time.

Dr. Bruno and Bruno Plastic Surgery understand this. We know that individuals have to be comfortable in their own skin to enjoy life to its fullest. That’s why we are happy to offer BOTOX® injections in NEPA.

For years, our patients have praised Dr. Bruno for his great precision and attention to the last detail in his procedures. You know you are in good hands with us.

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Wherever you have unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face, if you are unhappy with your appearance, that is enough of a reason to take action for yourself. Dr. Bruno and Bruno Plastic Surgery will be glad to help.

You can make a consultation with us today to speak to Dr. Bruno about receiving BOTOX® injections. He will explain everything about this approach, including possible side effects, so you are satisfied that you are making the right decision.

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