For many people, getting older isn’t the celebration that it was when they were young. Getting older can cause a lot of stress, and much of it can be caused by appearances. As we get older, our appearances can change significantly, which is often viewed in a negative light. The hair can start to turn gray, skin begins to wrinkle and sag, and many struggle to keep their bodies looking like they used to. One of the most common signs of aging are frown lines, which can really stand out on a person’s face. Many people have frown lines, and some get them earlier or more prominently than others. These are often an unavoidable part of getting older, but they are treatable with professional help. 

The solution to frown lines is much simpler than you might think. Dysport® injections in NEPA provided by Bruno Plastic Surgery can help correct your frown lines quickly to give you a younger-looking appearance.

How Do Dysport® Injections Treat Frown Lines?

Different types of wrinkles have different causes. The cause of frown lines is easy to understand – you can get them from frowning, but any muscle movement in between your eyes can cause them, not just making a  frown. Over time, these muscle movements can cause wrinkles in the skin, which become more visible as you get older. Dysport® injections limit certain muscle movements between the eyebrows, helping to soften the wrinkles caused by muscle movements. These injections are a wrinkle treatment similar to Botox® injections, which also freezes muscles. 

You can benefit from Dysport® injections if you have moderate to severe frown lines, but how many injections you’ll need will vary. This minimally invasive procedure can be done in under a half-hour and provides natural-looking results. You may experience some discomfort while you receive the injections, but it’s relatively pain-free and requires no recovery time. After the injections, some experience temporary pain, redness, swelling, and headaches. Dysport® injections are fast-acting, and results can begin to show in as little as two to three days. The results from Dysport® injections are only temporary and can last up to four months, so you’ll need follow-up appointments if you want to continue to enjoy the results. 

Schedule a Consultation for Dysport® Injections in NEPA 

Few people look forward to getting wrinkles as they get older. This can negatively affect your confidence, and there’s nothing you can do on your own to get rid of wrinkles, whether they’re only just appearing or you already have deep-set wrinkles. If you have moderate to severe wrinkles, you might think that a long, invasive procedure is the only thing that can help them. Fortunately, simple and fast cosmetic procedures like Dysport® injections can make a huge difference. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we can discuss the details of this procedure with you to see if it’s the right treatment for your frown lines. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of your frown lines, contact us to learn more about receiving Dysport® injections.

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