Breast size and shape often have a huge impact on a woman’s self-esteem. Having breasts that aren’t your preferred size can make it difficult to feel comfortable in your skin, or even to find clothes that fit properly. What’s more, a woman’s breasts may naturally change in appearance as they age, lose weight, or recover from pregnancy.

Fortunately, Dr. Anthony Bruno of Bruno Plastic Surgery has many years of experience performing breast augmentations in NEPA. If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts for any reason, Dr. Bruno is ready, willing, and able to help. With breast augmentation surgery, you attain larger, shapelier breasts and gain renewed confidence in your appearance.

Are you interested in receiving breast augmentation in Pennsylvania? We want to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Benefits of Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation surgery is known by many names among both doctors and patients, from technical descriptors like “augmentation mammaplasty” to more casual slang terms like “breast implants” or “boob job.”

Just as there are many names for surgical breast enhancement in Pennsylvania, there are also many reasons why a patient might want to consider breast augmentation.

Close-up of a woman measuring her chest prior to breast augmentation surgery

Increase Your Breast Volume

Essentially the opposite of breast reduction, breast augmentation is most often used to increase the size and fullness of a patient’s breasts. This may be done to address a naturally small breast size or breast shrinkage resulting from age, weight loss, or pregnancy.

Enhance Your Breast Shape

Breast augmentation in PA can also be used to address the contours and curvature of a patient’s breasts. Whether you’re seeking subtle, natural-looking breasts or something rounder and more pronounced, Dr. Bruno can help you decide what shape is right for you.

Restore Your Breast Symmetry

A common cosmetic issue among many women is breast asymmetry. Breast enlargement surgery is often performed as part of breast asymmetry correction, wherein one or both of a patient’s breasts are enhanced to improve overall symmetry.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Whatever your reason for getting breast augmentation in NEPA, one of the most important things to Dr. Bruno is how you feel when the procedure is done. Bruno Plastic Surgery has helped countless patients renew their confidence. We can do the same for you!

Your Breast Enlargement Options

Here at Bruno Plastic Surgery, we know that no two patients are ever the same. Everyone has different cosmetic goals, and every procedure has its own unique benefits and challenges.

To ensure you are happy with the results of your Pennsylvania breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Bruno offers a wide variety of breast augmentation options. He’s always happy to work with patients to identify the best course of action for their specific needs.

Types of Implants

Breast implants come in multiple varieties, based not only on filler material but also form and construction. As outlined by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the main types of brain implants are:


Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water, providing uniform shape, feel, and firmness. In the event of an implant leak, the filler is safely absorbed and expelled by the patient’s body.

Structured saline

A variation on conventional saline implants, structured saline implants incorporate inner structural elements to ensure a more natural look and feel.


Filled with silicone gel, silicone breast implants provide an even more natural appearance. They are also less likely to result in post-op complications. Unlike saline breast implants, silicone implants will not collapse in the event of a leak.

Form-stable (AKA ‘gummy bear’)

A variation on conventional silicone breast implants, form-stable implants have earned the nickname ‘gummy bear implants’ due to their ability to maintain their shape even if the implant shell is broken.


Round breast implants are used to achieve a more dramatic, fuller appearance. Because their shape is uniform, there is less concern about the implant rotating out of place.


Smooth breast implants are designed to feel softer and move more naturally. As a result, however, these breast implants are more likely to exhibit visible under-skin rippling.


Textured breast implants are designed in a way that encourages naturally developing scar tissue to stick to the implant itself. This prevents implant rotating or repositioning.

Incision Locations

As with most other types of cosmetic surgery for breasts, breast augmentation requires making an incision in the patient’s skin. Where the incision is made can have a significant impact on appearance and healing.


Periareolar incisions are done around the areolas of the patient’s nipples. This allows any post-op scarring to blend in with the areolas, with negligible change in nipple sensation.


Inframammary incisions are done along the fold below the breast. This minimizes visible post-op scarring while providing easier, more accurate control over implant placement


Transaxillary incisions are done within the underarm area. This completely prevents visible post-op scarring on the breasts, with the limitation that only saline or smaller silicone implants can be used.


Transumbilical incisions are done within the navel. This also completely prevents visible scarring on the breasts, with the limitation that only saline implants can be used.


BreastAugmentation1Before BreastAugmentation1After
BreastAugmentation1SideBefore BreastAugmentation1SideAfter
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BreastAugmentation2SideBefore BreastAugmentation2SideAfter
BreastAugmentation3Before BreastAugmentation3After
BreastAugmentation3SideBefore BreastAugmentation3SideAfter

Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home the same day the operation is performed. Dr. Bruno will stay in touch following the procedure to provide recovery instructions and answer any questions you may have.

Recovering from breast augmentation surgery typically takes around six weeks in total. The results, however, will continue to bring you joy and satisfaction for many, many years.

Immediate Post-Op

After you come out of surgery, Dr. Bruno will place a breast band and compression bra over your chest to minimize swelling. The first days of recovery will require ample bed rest, and you may be prescribed medication to alleviate soreness.

1 Week Post-Op

Although many patients can return to their normal routine within 4-7 days post-op, it is important to avoid exercise and strenuous activity for the time being.

2-3 Weeks Post-Op

After 2-3 weeks, patients can begin increasing their activity levels, though care should still be taken to avoid exercises that put a strain on their chests and upper body areas.

4-6 Weeks Post-Op

Recovery from your Pennsylvania breast enhancement surgery should be complete around a month or a month and a half post-op. At this point, patients can fully return to normal activities, including chest and upper body exercises.

Schedule a Breast Augmentation in NEPA with Dr. Bruno

If you’re interested in getting breast implants in PA, Bruno Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Bruno is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With over 20 years of practice under his belt, he has the knowledge and experience needed to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Dr. Bruno is proud to offer breast augmentation in Scranton, Moosic, and all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Fill out the contact form below to take the first steps toward a newer, happier you!


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