Many women feel that their breasts are too big for their bodies, and reducing the size isn’t something most people can do on their own. If your breasts are too big for your frame, you could be left with serious back and shoulder pain that’s hard to get relief from. Of course, large breasts may also negatively affect your confidence if you aren’t happy with the way they make you look. Having larger breasts can make it difficult to find clothing that fits correctly, which can leave you feeling self-conscious. 

Fortunately, if you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts and wish they were smaller, you may be able to get breast reduction surgery. Bruno Plastic Surgery provides breast reduction surgery in NEPA for eligible patients that can help you achieve your body goals. 

What Does Breast Reduction Surgery Involve?

Alternatively called a reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery consists of the surgeon making the breasts smaller by removing fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts themselves. How the surgery is performed varies depending on the amount of fat, tissue, and skin a person is having removed. Not everyone has the same goals from this procedure or the same shape and sized breasts, so your surgery will reflect what will be best for you. Breast reduction surgery is often done to help provide relief from the physical pain that larger breasts tend to cause, but many women choose to do this procedure for the cosmetic benefits it can provide.

This surgery typically takes three to five hours, and many people can go home the same day. However, although you may be able to go home shortly after the procedure, you will still need to allow time for rest and recovery. After the procedure, you’ll likely experience pain, bruising, and swelling around your chest, which should stop over time. You’ll need to make accommodations following breast reduction surgery, as you won’t be able to lift your arms very much for several weeks. How much time you need to recover and what you will and won’t be able to do within a certain amount of time will depend on your surgery and how you feel. You should also expect to have scarring following the procedure, which may fade slightly, but won’t completely go away. The full results should start showing around six months after the procedure.

Learn More About Breast Reduction Surgery in NEPA

Getting breast reduction surgery is a big decision that can significantly change your  appearance, so where you have this procedure done is extremely important. Dr. Bruno approaches all surgical procedures with great care and sensitivity. He is also known in the industry for his precision and attention to the smallest details. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we’ll discuss the details of this procedure with you to see if it can help you achieve your goals.

If you have pain from large breasts or want a reduction to get your ideal appearance, don’t wait any longer to see if breast reduction surgery in NEPA can help. Call Bruno Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our practice or schedule a consultation.

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