Having breasts that aren’t the same size and shape is much more common than many people may realize. For some, this difference might not be very noticeable, while it can be much more apparent for others. This often isn’t caused by an underlying health issue and occurs naturally, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bothersome. Many women with breast asymmetry, as this condition is called, report feeling unhappy and embarrassed about this. If your breasts aren’t the same size or shape, there is an effective way of fixing this.

A breast asymmetry correction is a plastic surgery procedure in which the surgeon modifies the size and shape of differently proportioned breasts. Dr. Bruno at Bruno Plastic Surgery can perform a breast asymmetry correction in NEPA to ensure patients’ breasts are more proportionate. 

How Does Breast Asymmetry Correction Work?

Breast asymmetry correction is a surgery that alters the appearance of the breasts to make them more similar. However, how the surgery is performed may look a little different for each patient, depending on what their goals are. For example, one patient may want a breast augmentation in one breast to make it as large as the other. If another patient prefers having smaller breasts, they may choose to have a reduction done to a larger breast to make it equal to the smaller one. Breast asymmetry correction surgery doesn’t only address changing the size of the breasts, either. A breast lift may also be done if one of the breasts sags lower than the other one to ensure they’re level with one another. Many patients altering the size of their breasts may need a lift at the same time to get the best results. 

Since breast asymmetry correction varies from person to person, recovery can also be different for each person. However, regardless of what your surgery involves, you can typically expect some bruising, swelling, and pain for several days following the procedure. You’ll also need to take some time off from work after the surgery and should avoid physically strenuous activities for around six weeks while you recover. When you schedule a consultation for your breast asymmetry correction, you’ll learn more about what your surgery will entail and what the recovery will look like.

Learn More About Breast Asymmetry Correction in NEPA 

While many women naturally have asymmetrical breasts, this isn’t something you have to live with if it makes you feel insecure about your appearance. With breast asymmetry correction surgery, you can have your breasts altered to have them look the way you want. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we can help you get the breast asymmetry correction surgery that works for the goals you have in mind for this procedure. We’ll help you get the look you want so that you can be more confident in your appearance. 

If you wish your breasts were more even, we’re here to help. Contact Bruno Plastic Surgery today to learn more about getting a breast asymmetry correction in NEPA.

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