We all know that losing weight can often feel impossible. What’s even harder than losing weight is losing weight in specific areas of your body. Most of us have specific areas with stubborn fat, and this can leave us feeling insecure and frustrated when nothing seems to help it. While you can work on toning certain areas, you can’t lose weight in specific areas on your own. One of these areas where many people struggle with stubborn fat is the neck, where you can often also find sagging skin. Excess fat can do this in younger people, but this is also common as you age and lose elasticity in your skin, causing it to sag. 

Sagging skin and excess fat around your neck causes your jawline to look less defined and make you look older or heavier than you really are. If this is something you struggle with, there are ways to remedy it. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, you can get male PrecisionTX that will eliminate excess fat around your jawline and neck. 

What is PrecisionTX?

PrecisionTX is a minimally invasive procedure that helps eliminate stubborn fat around the lower areas of your face and neck. Many people compare PrecisionTX to a neck lift, but this procedure doesn’t require you to undergo surgery, unlike a regular neck lift, making it a better option for many. PrecisionTX uses a laser to liquify fat in this area. Your doctor will make no more than three small incisions in your skin where the liquified fat will be removed. The lasers used for PrecisionTX also help stimulate collagen growth in the area, which helps prevent sagging. This helps rejuvenate the skin in this area and leaves you with a more contoured face. 

While incisions are made in the skin, PrecisionTX leaves minimal or no scarring and uses a local anesthetic, so you feel no pain. The procedure can be done in under two hours, and you’re able to go home the same day. You may have some swelling and bruising after the procedure, but you should be able to return to your daily activities within two weeks. The full results of this procedure can take up to six months to fully develop as your body gradually starts to produce more collagen over time. However, you may be able to start seeing some results immediately following your procedure.

See if Male PrecisionTX is Right for You

A defined jawline is something many people want, but unfortunately, it isn’t something you can get on your own if you have excess fat and sagging skin. This will happen naturally to many people, but you can do something about it if it affects your confidence. Let Dr. Bruno at Bruno Plastic Surgery help you lose the excess fat and sagging skin around your neck with male PrecisionTX in NEPA. With this minimally invasive surgery, you can help give your face a slimmer, younger-looking appearance without needing surgery. 

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