As people, we know that we cannot choose the bodies we inhabit, nor are our bodies the most meaningful aspects of who we are. At the same time, who could dismiss the importance of our bodies in giving us confidence as we go through life?

At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we understand that body image matters, and we are here to help in any way we can. In this case, we are referring to male nipple reduction surgery in NEPA.

Large nipples and areolas can occur in men due to a number of factors. Of course, when you are the one with this condition, you might not care how this happened. You only know you are self-conscious about your nipple size and overall appearance.

Some men might feel uncomfortable even taking off their shirts. They might wear clothing designed to hide the protrusion of their nipples.

This is no way to live, but Dr. Anthony Bruno can help by performing your male nipple reduction with ease.

Let us first learn more about this condition and then discuss the procedure that can correct it.

What Causes Enlarged Male Nipples?

A number of health factors can cause males to develop enlarged nipples and areolas. One is a simple hereditary disposition. We understand this answer is rather dissatisfying, but the truth is that all kinds of conditions run in families and can simply occur on their own.

Other causes include certain medications, steroids, and changes in body weight.

Although you as the patient may not be as concerned about the cause of your enlarged nipples as you are about the solution, plastic surgeons must determine the cause of the issue so we know how to perform the procedure.

Now that you are more educated in the origin of enlarged male nipples, let us discuss the procedure itself.

What Does Male Nipple Reduction Surgery Do?

The idea of male nipple reduction surgery is to remake the patient’s chest to appear more traditionally masculine. Surgeons generally do not aim to make the nipple flat against the chest, for this is not a natural appearance. Rather, the goal is to make the nipples appear simply smaller.

Depending on the overall condition of the patient’s chest, Dr. Bruno might also discuss performing a male breast reduction at the same time.

The procedure usually lasts no more than an hour. We perform it by placing you under local anesthesia. Dr. Bruno will make small incisions in the nipple area so he can remove the excess tissue from the breast or parts of the nipples to flatten the chest.

The good news about recovery is that it should be quite brief! Some generic painkillers should take care of any discomfort in the hours after the surgery.

However, in about a day, you should be feeling just about back to normal. Best of all, scarring should be minimal and will certainly be no reason to fear being scrutinized by others.

Trust Bruno Plastic Surgery for Your Cosmetic Procedures

For many years now, Dr. Bruno has been known in his Northeast Pennsylvania community as an expert plastic surgeon. Patients appreciate his devotion to their well-being and attention to every last detail of his procedures. You know you are literally in good hands with Bruno Plastic Surgery.

Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your male nipple reduction surgery in NEPA with Bruno Plastic Surgery. We will be only too happy to help return your confidence to you!

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