As men age, the skin on the face, chin, and neck tends to become loose and start sagging. In general, this is not due to any conscious choice of the individual. Rather, it frequently results from the fatty deposits that accumulate in these areas over time.

As natural as those skin sags are, some men determine that they are dissatisfied with their appearances and want to do something about them. The solution to this problem is male facelift surgery.

A male facelift uses minimalistic incisions to tighten the skin of the jowls, cheeks, and neck and ultimately leave the face looking revitalized and more youthful.

Male facelift surgery is a sensitive procedure because the men who seek it don’t want to end up looking feminine. You can trust that Dr. Anthony Bruno of Bruno Plastic Surgery will perform your male facelift surgery in NEPA with all the precision and prudence you’d expect.

Exactly what does this procedure involve for you? Let Bruno Plastic Surgery explain.

What to Expect in Male Facelift Surgery in NEPA

You already know that you are tired of jowls and a sagging chin and neck. Maybe this process started in your body in your 30s or 40s or 50s, and by now, you are tired of being displeased with how your face looks. You want to return to the tighter skin of your youth, when everything seemed more together.

Let’s then say that you are considering male facelift surgery in NEPA from Bruno Plastic Surgery. You know what you want your end result to be, but you are unsure about what happens now.


Dr. Bruno will first evaluate your entire face and neck area. There is much to consider before surgery. For instance, if the patient is bald or balding, then hiding incisions near the hairline becomes more challenging.

Furthermore, the skin that grows hair on the neck is pulled up in this surgery, meaning that hair would then grow higher on the face. Dr. Bruno will consult with you on your goals prior to making any final decisions on the procedure.

What Is the Procedure Like?

A traditional male facelift involves Dr. Bruno making small incisions on either side of the face and then pulling the skin back to make it tighter.

The procedure also involves the surgeon manipulating facial tissue to recontour the face to look tighter. Dr. Bruno may also remove excess skin from the face during the surgery. In the end, all of these alterations come together to make you look younger, healthier, and rejuvenated.

Remember that, at Bruno Plastic Surgery, we consider the fact that male faces are different from female ones. Dr. Bruno is an expert plastic surgeon who gets the details right in his surgeries. He knows how to perform facelifts that keep male patients looking like themselves. You are in good hands here.

Expert Male Facelift Surgery in NEPA

Dr. Bruno of Bruno Plastic Surgery will work with you to find the best solution for your male facelift needs. Your goals determine the choices that you and Dr. Bruno will make together.

When you’ve mutually reached a decision, Dr. Bruno will perform your male facelift surgery in NEPA with the utmost diligence, care, and professionalism. The result will be the return of your confidence in yourself and your body.

Call Bruno Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruno, and be on your way to a more youthful you.

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