On average, most people have ears that extend about two centimeters out from the sides of their head. That said, there are many factors, such as genetics or injuries, affecting the size and positioning of a person’s ears.

While having large ears or protruding ears is typically not a cause for concern and does not affect a person’s hearing, prominent ears can still negatively impact a person’s life. If a person is unhappy with the appearance of their ears, it could result in them suffering from low self-esteem and diminished confidence.

Dr. Bruno of Bruno Plastic Surgery wants you to be happy with your appearance so that you can live a fuller, more confident life. Otoplasty in NEPA is just one of many services Dr. Bruno offers to patients looking for a way to finally look the way they’ve always wanted.

What Can Otoplasty Do For You?

Otoplasty—sometimes referred to as “ear pinning”—reshapes the ears to make them less prominent and more proportionate to a person’s head. It also helps improve symmetry for people whose ears don’t “match.” Though a seemingly small alteration, otoplasty can greatly change a person’s overall appearance and help improve their self-esteem.

During an otoplasty procedure, the surgeon will make one or small incisions behind the ear or within the inner creases of the ear. This allows the surgeon to remove excess skin and fold cartilage into the desired position, as well as stitching internal sutures to help maintain shape. A purely cosmetic procedure, otoplasty does not impair a patient’s hearing or other inner ear functions.

Recovering From Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty surgery is a relatively safe, simple procedure that usually takes about two hours to finish.  Afterward, patients are able to return to the comfort of their homes for recovery. The healing process may take up to six weeks, although many everyday tasks, such as washing one’s hair or attending work/school, can resume within two weeks.

Patients will likely experience some soreness, swelling, and bruising early on, but follow-up visits with their doctor help to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly. In addition to antibiotics, the doctor will also provide a precautionary headband to wear at night. This helps prevent patients from pulling or otherwise aggravating their ears while sleeping.

Plan Your Otoplasty in NEPA Today

Dr. Bruno knows that, after recovering from otoplasty in NEPA, you will see an immediate difference. Even a seemingly small procedure like otoplasty can have very big results. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we believe that when a person takes control over their appearance, it helps them take control over their life. We’re confident that you will feel and look better than ever.

Whether you’ve been unhappy with your ears from birth or you’ve suffered an appearance-altering injury, otoplasty may just be the solution you’re looking for. An in-person consultation with Dr. Bruno can provide all the information you need to decide if ear pinning surgery is right for you.

Contact us now to learn more about Dr. Bruno’s otoplasty surgery in NEPA.

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