Loss of volume in the face is common as we get older, causing many features to look more hollow. As our faces lose volume, wrinkles and sagging will also begin to occur. Having fullness in your face, such as in your cheeks, is often associated with youth and is a beauty standard many people are after. Losing volume in your face can alter your appearance and cause you to feel less confident in how you look. Fortunately, there are a few different cosmetic procedures that can help restore volume to your face. 

One popular way of getting a fuller face is with facial fat grafting. If you want a younger-looking appearance and add more volume to your face, Dr. Bruno at Bruno Plastic Surgery can help with facial fat grafting in NEPA.

How is a Facial Fat Transfer Used?

Facial fat grafting, also called a facial fat transfer, is a cosmetic procedure similar to many types of facial fillers. However, a facial fat transfer differs from other fillers as it uses your body’s fat, compared to chemicals and synthetics. During a facial fat transfer, a small amount of fat is removed from another area in your body, such as the abdomen, using liposuction. Due to liposuction, a facial fat transfer requires patients to undergo minor surgery to remove the fat. When the fat is removed from the body, it’s then injected into the desired area of the face. This fat helps the face look full again and fills in wrinkles. Facial fat grafting is often seen as a more natural way to revive the face and can have fewer side effects than other facial fillers. 

A facial fat transfer can also help provide longer-lasting results than ordinary facial fillers. Some of the fat may be absorbed into the body, but some of the results achieved from this could be permanent. While facial fat grafting can provide long-lasting results, you could need the procedure more than once to get the results you want. Bruising and swelling can last for around two weeks following the procedure. Since liposuction is involved, you may also experience bruising and swelling in the area where the fat was removed. The final results won’t be visible until the area is healed, so you may not see the results for several weeks after.

See if Facial Fat Grafting in NEPA is Right for You

Losing volume in your face is a common part of aging. Not only will this cause a sunken appearance, but it can also age your face by contributing to wrinkles and sagging skin. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we can reverse this by using procedures like a facial fat transfer. Facial fat grafting is a great alternative to facial fillers, but they aren’t right for everyone, depending on their goals. We’ll help you find what procedure is best for you so you can get the results you want.

If you want to see if facial fat grafting in NEPA is right for you, contact Bruno Plastic Surgery to learn more. 

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