Many women struggle with breasts that are too big for their frames. This can be very uncomfortable and cause frequent back and shoulder pain, as well as self-confidence issues. Large breasts can make it difficult to find clothing that fits, leaving many women to feel insecure about their bodies. Fortunately, there is an effective way to help reduce the size of your breasts. If you’re unhappy with the natural size of your breasts, a breast reduction might be right for you.

Dr. Bruno of Bruno Plastic Surgery in Moosic can execute many helpful procedures for his clients. One of these is breast liposuction in NEPA, a process in which a doctor uses a tube to suck the fat from the body. This is a great choice for women who want to reduce their breast size but don’t want to undergo a traditional breast reduction.

Why Get Breast Liposuction?

Breast liposuction is similar to any other liposuction procedure, except it specifically targets the breasts. A surgeon generally uses a sterile solution or sound waves to loosen the fat so that it can be removed from the body. Small incisions are made so that a tuber can be inserted, which allows them to remove it from the body more easily. This procedure typically takes around an hour. Following the procedure, you might have some discomfort, swelling, and minor bruising. Recovery is different for everyone, but many women are able to return to work in just a few days. 

Breast liposuction is a great alternative to a traditional breast reduction if you’re a good candidate for it. This procedure isn’t meant for everyone, but if you’re a good fit for it, there are many benefits of getting breast liposuction instead of a traditional breast reduction. One of the main reasons women prefer breast liposuction is because it doesn’t leave you with a noticeable scar. Since the tube used to remove fat from the breasts is extremely small, you won’t be left with noticeable scarring following the procedure. Breast liposuction is also beneficial because it’s a much less invasive procedure, resulting in a shorter recovery time and comes with milder side effects and a lower risk of complications.

Find Out if Breast Liposuction in NEPA is Right for Your

Being unhappy with your breast size and struggling with breasts that you think are too large can be extremely difficult. With help from Bruno Plastic Surgery, you don’t have to live with breasts that are causing you pain or affect your confidence. Breast liposuction is an effective way of getting the breast size you want without dealing with the recovery or side effects of a traditional breast reduction. Dr. Bruno has spent years helping patients to achieve the bodies they have always wanted. We’ll help find the right solution that fits your current body and goals so that you can get the results you want from a breast reduction.

Are you wondering if breast liposuction can help you achieve your aesthetic goals? Contact Bruno Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our breast liposuction in NEPA.

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