Breast implants are extremely popular and are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. However, breast implants do require some upkeep over the years to stay looking the way you want. Most people with breast implants are usually advised to consider getting a breast implant revision every ten years. Even if you loved how your breast implants looked when you first got them, their appearance often changes over time as you get older, so a revision can help you maintain the look you love. 

Plastic surgery doesn’t always involve performing brand new work. Sometimes, it necessitates revising older or outdated work. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, you can get a breast implant revision in NEPA that will help you keep your breast implants looking how you like them.  

What Does a Breast Implant Revision Do?

Your natural breasts change as you get older, and you can expect your breast implants to do this along with them. You can use a revision to replicate how your implants originally looked if that’s what you were happy with, but you can also go for something different. Maybe someone realized they wanted something bigger, smaller, or a different shape. The skin and tissue around the breast implant may have changed as well, altering the way breast implants look. Some might not be happy with the type of implant they originally had and are looking to switch to something different for their implants instead.

While aesthetic reasons bring many people to get a breast implant revision, it’s often also done for a person’s safety. Many breast implants aren’t intended to be kept in permanently, and if they’re left in for too long, they could become a health risk, so a revision is advised to keep breast implants safe. 

During a breast implant revision, the older implants are usually removed and replaced with newer ones that match your aesthetic goals. Some might also choose to have this done with a breast lift to make their breast implants look younger. Recovery is different for everyone, but many say recovering from a revision is less painful than the initial surgery. Still, you’ll need to set aside time to rest following the procedure, and experiencing things like bruising, swelling, and pain is normal in the days after the surgery. It can also take several months before the new implants settle into place for you to see the final results. 

Learn More About Implant Revisions in NEPA

Getting a breast implant revision isn’t something you should put off for very long. Changes in breast implants are normal, and this is needed to help keep breast implants safe, so this is something everyone should do when the time comes. At Bruno Plastic Surgery, we’ll discuss the goals you have for this procedure to create a plan that helps you achieve them. Whatever you’re looking to get from a breast implant revision, Bruno Plastic Surgery can help you get your ideal appearance.

Patients needing a breast implant revision in NEPA can call Bruno Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation.

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